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Home And Public Ev Charging Station

ev charging station

With its intelligent charging system, the EV / PHV Home and Safe is able to charge your electric vehicle at any time.

ev charging station


EV Charging Station

The EV/PHV Home and Safe Intelligent Charging system is a new technology that can be installed on your home’s electric outlets to maximize charging capabilities while minimizing energy consumption. It works by monitoring how much power you’re using at any given time, which it does through an LED light ring around each outlet; this ensures optimum performance without over-taxing circuits or wasting excess electricity when no one has requested service (such as during early morning hours).

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Over 10 + years in this field.Professional R&D,Design team.The products sell over 100 countries.

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We have a wide selection of models for you to choose from.

ev charging station

Model: SES-1

Model: SES-2

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