2407, 2020

Benefits of Charging Your EV at Home

July 24th, 2020|

Charging your electric vehicle with a home charger has benefits compared with public stations. If you’re getting ready to buy your first electric car, you probably have some questions about charging your EV at home. As someone who’s always relied on gas to keep their car running, the idea of charging your vehicle in the comfort of your own home might seem too good to be true. But it’s not!   You’ll find many more benefits to home chargers than [...]

2007, 2020

EV charging cables

July 20th, 2020|Tags: |

EV charging cables are the chargers for electric vehicles that allow charging from any standard electric socket. These cables come in different lengths and can hold single or three-phase electricity. Today, these charging cables are available in superior quality, supporting robust charging with unique designs characteristics in wide range of colors.  Besides, they are pocket-friendly and offer safe and reliable charging to the electric vehicles. Generally, charging cables come with electric vehicles, but separate charging cables are required when there [...]

307, 2020

Electric car charging questions answered, from how long it takes to how much it costs

July 3rd, 2020|Tags: , |

Electric car charging questions answered, from how long it takes to how much it costs Electric car charger- 2020 looks set to be a massive year for electric cars. Several major manufacturers have already launched new EVs, or have models to go on sale later this year. Some of the biggest questions around EVs, besides how far they can travel, are around charging - how much it costs, how long it takes, and where you can charge your EV. How [...]

2211, 2019

Electric Vehicle charging station 32A 7KW

November 22nd, 2019|

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging station Market: Technological Advances in EV Charging Though there is an increase in the adoption of EVs, one of the major constraints in the market happens to be the limitations in their charging infrastructure. To overcome this hurdle, some of the major companies are focusing on developing better charging technologies. The growing need for fast and convenient charging systems for various EVs has elevated the need for EV charging stations equipped with better technology. [...]

1511, 2019

CCS 1 Plug 80A 150A 200A 1000V

November 15th, 2019|

Electrify America Hosts International CCS EV Charging Symposium More than 200 engineers and technical experts from global automakers, charging equipment manufacturers, charging networks and related companies gathered at Electrify America's Center of Excellence laboratory to test the next-generation technologies for electric vehicle charging. Several global automakers tested vehicles at the symposium including Audi, Fiat Chrysler, Karma Automotive and BMW of North America. BMWeven brought pre-production versions of their yet-to-be-released MINI Electric and BMW iX3 for testing. “As a leader in the development [...]

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