How Many Amps Does Your Home Charging Station Really Need?

There’s a lot of factors to consider when shopping for a home charging station for your electric vehicle. You certainly want to make sure you’re buying a unit from a reputable company, that is has a good warranty, and that it’s built to last many years.

However, one of the other important considerations is how powerful of a charging station do you need? Most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles available today can only accept a maximum of 16 to 32-amps, while charging on a level 2, 240-volt charging station. However, there are charging stations available today that can deliver more power, even though very few electric vehicles can actually accept it.

That can be confusing to some consumers shopping for a charging station, so let’s take a closer look at what the difference between a 30-amp unit and one that can deliver 40-amps.

The average daily distance North Americans drive is between 26-31 miles. For electric vehicles, this requires about 10 kWh of electricity (Most EVs average between 3 & 4 miles per kWh. Charging an EV at 40 A (9.6 kW) means it will take a little more than one hour to charge to the minimum required daily amount, compared to 1 hour and 20 minutes at 30 A (7.2 kW).

When shopping for a home charging station, make sure you get all the features and quality you need. However, make sure you’re not paying for an option that your EV can’t use, will cost you more to install, and may not even be compatible with your home’s electrical supply. Zencar Home charging stations deliver up to 40A, which is more than enough power to fully charge your EV overnight, and have you ready to go the next morning.

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    Model Home charging station  40A
    Current 10A-40A adjusable
    IP Grade IP54
    Operating Temperature -30℃~50℃
    Standard  Meet IEC 62196
    Warranty 12 month
    Packing Accept packing / LOGO customization.
    Delivery time 20 days with 2000 pcs
    Supply Ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per Year